lorem ipsum dolor sit amet About Home Products Store News Gallery Contact Blog About Our Premier Businesses and websites are: www.floridastoryteller.com/ www.tap-resources.com/ www.halifaxcountry.com/ Itís time to let us solve your web site problems... Software Business Tools LLC Software Business Tools LLC Your Vision is Our Mission... Ron Howell Software Developer 2900 N Atlantic Ave. Suite 1101 Daytona Beach, Florida 32118 ron@softbiztools.com www.softbiztools.com Web Site Design Film Maker Publisher Graphics Commercials 386.290.1356 Software Business Tools LLC was founded in 1976 as Howell and Associates, a partnership between Ron Howell and former business acquaintances working at General Dynamics in Longwood, Florida. Through the years as gigantic hardware computer systems evolved into commodities and software became the technology of the day, Ron formed Software Business Tools LLC and began developing home and small business software applications. Once again, technology breakthroughs brought computers into our homes in many interesting and smaller forms and the internet began to dominate.  Software development made its way onto the internet and web development was the place to be.   As ideas with interesting names like Google, Facebook, and Ebay began to dominate our lives, innovators rushed to interconnect all forms of communications. Fast internet speeds allowed gigabytes of storage in smaller and smaller devices. Photo processing now brings high resolution images to the desktop with streaming video becoming the technology of choice.  We have endured through these fantastic times and endeavored to bring you useful products at a fair price. Thank you for using products designed and delivered by Software Business Tools LLC.   Ron Howell.   Software Business Tools LLC